About MyHR+

MyHR+ is an integrated HR and payroll system that serves everyone working in the public sector.

It is being rolled out on a phased basis, with the first batch of ministries, departments and agencies going live since January 2018.

Key Features

  • • Human Resources Management
  • • Payroll Management
  • • Attendance/Absence
  • • Employee Self Service
  • • Manager Self Service
  • • Claims, Subsistence and Travel Allowance
  • • Organisational Charts
  • • Recruitment and Selection
  • • Competency Management
  • • Performance Management
  • • Training Management

So why introduce an IT system in the public sector
to integrate HR and payroll?

The decision to overhaul the existing, largely manual, human resource management systems in the Jamaican public sector will bring about significant benefits for not just the public administration but employees as well. Additionally, it will positively impact persons who access government services.

The full implementation of an integrated HR and payroll system means that, for the first time, the Government of Jamaica will be in a position to

  • • Collect and manage HR data more efficiently
  • • Plan for HR needs in a comprehensive way
  • • Monitor and control its wage bill
  • • Effectively utilise existing skills in the public service.

What exactly are the benefits of using an integrated HR and payroll system?

Here are five key benefits

Efficiency in HR Management and Administration

With over 120,000 employees spread across almost 200 ministries, departments, agencies and public bodies, it is very challenging to maintain and access basic employee information using paper-based systems or a variety of electronic systems. It makes the management of HR inefficient. This leads to, among other things,

  • • poor internal customer satisfaction
  • • poor people decisions and
  • • a bad view of HR departments

Such an integrated system as MyHR+ will allow the administration to effectively and efficiently manage its most vital resource – people. It also means that staff will have greater control over their personal data as well as the ability to store their payslips digitally. This will lead to a reduction in requests of HR to do simple tasks which staff will now be able to do for themselves.


Greater Access to Information

A central HR system allows for information to be available, with the appropriate level of access, almost instantly. MyHR+ features an Employee Self Service which gives staff greater control over their personal information. The data from the system that will now be available will enable HR and the organisation to plan more effectively for the needs of the organisation and employees. It will enable the generation of key reports such as performance management, compensation and time management.

Data Analysis and Informed Decisions

MyHR+ provides valuable data at your fingertips. The wealth of data that is available through the system will positively impact HR’s ability to make informed decisions in a timely manner which will contribute to organisational development.

For example, HR may discover that a particular department is regularly not meeting performance targets. Based on the data collected, HR will be able to interrogate the information to find out factors that could be limiting performance such as training needs, qualifications, compensation etc. The data analysis will then enable HR to work with managers to make changes that could impact the performance of the department.


Cost Effective

MyHR+, like any good HR system, will reduce the cost of providing HR services. The automation of some of the administrative processes in HR means that HR professionals can contribute to other strategic aspects of the organisation.

Security and Disaster Recovery

The data stored on MyHR+ is extremely secure. Access to the information is on a role-based basis, meaning that you will only be able to access the data appropriate or relevant to your role. There is also an audit trail of persons accessing the system. This is miles ahead of tens of files stored in filing cabinets. Importantly, as Jamaica is prone to natural disasters and we never know when a Category Five hurricane may make landfall, MyHR+ is the insurance for public sector employees as regards their data. The system also has disaster recovery features and databases are backed up at secure separate locations which enables the system to be restored quickly even in the most catastrophic events.


To learn more about the system

Speak with your Human Resource Department