1. MyHR+ Help Topics

MyHR+ Help Topics

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens if my line manager is not present to Approve my request?  
  2. Can I access MyHR+ Employee Self Service from my home Computer?  
  3. How can I change who the leave request is sent to?  
  4. How can I edit a submitted request?  
  5. How can I select a range of dates in the Create Leave Request?  
  6. How can I view vacation leave entitlement?  
  7. How do I add a Dependent to my record?  
  8. How do I cancel a submitted request?  
  9. How do I change my password from the MyHR+ Employee Self Service?  
  10. How do I check my leave entitlement?  
  11. How do I create my vacation leave request?  
  12. How do I dismiss notifications?  
  13. How do I log off from the MyHR+ Employee Self Service (ESS)?  
  14. How do I print my payslips?  
  15. How do I update my information?  
  16. How secure is my information? Can anyone else see my Personal Information?  
  17. Is it possible to keep my data private from my Manager/Supervisor?  
  18. Is the MyHR+ Employee Self Service (ESS) system secure?  
  19. What data do I have access to?  
  20. What do I do if I think my leave record shown in MyHR+ Employee Self Service (ESS) is incorrect?  
  21. What if I do not have access to a computer?  
  22. What is Core Data?  
  23. What is MyHR+ Employee Self Service (ESS)?  
  24. What is the Employment menu for?  
  25. When using the MyHR+ Employee Self Service (ESS),will I have access to previous Payslips?  
  26. Who else can access my data via the MyHR+ Employee Self Service (ESS)?  
  27. Who should I contact if my leave balance seems incorrect?  
  28. Why can't I change my name or date of birth?  
  29. Why should I use MyHr+ Employee Self-Service (ESS)?  
  30. Will I be able to update my personal biographical data?  
  31. Will MyHR+ Employee Self Service (ESS) work on my mobile or tablet?  

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